glossy vs. shiny vs. opaque

Ahhh, my dear ladies! Finally fall again, my favourite time of the year! Pantyhose ladies everywhere we go! Make sure to wink them when you see them wearing pantyhose in public to give them some sweet kudos and adoration! <3 Today, I want to go into the details of some pantyhose styles with you. Let's start with the hottest ones, glossy pantyhose:

glossy pantyhose lady
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First of all we notice the distinctive wet look.

Glossy pantyhose are also the most delicate ones: you need to take care when putting them on and off, otherwise you will get ladders quite easily. I love them the most but these are rare to find outside. No wonder: any lady wearing them will drag all eyes on her, no matter the gender. They are powerful, extremely hot, not easy to wear (ladders…) and the odour after a long day wearing them is intense and incredible!

Also notice the problem the light has here: glossy pantyhose are highly confusing for lighting, it just doesn’t really know what to do! I guess this photo was made with a single flash only but there are double flashes on both of her stunning legs! And these can be more, depending on the environment. Notice also the crazy lines the light does, especially near the back of her knees. You can feel the photons sweating, quite literally. Glossy pantyhose are for the brave, you need to know how to wear them. Otherwise they will turn somewhere else. Take good care of them, dear ladies!

Second, shiny pantyhose:

shiny pantyhose lady
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More suitable for your daily life but: take good care, people can go crazy here, haha!

You can trust their description, these have a shiny look all over, no matter the angle. The most distinctive here is the shininess especially where female curves disappear. Usually around her thighs and lower legs. Her booty. As well as her feet and toes. You got curves? The shiny ones are the way to go, girl!

The light still has problems but not so much anymore, instead the shininess becomes more intense: the more light, the more shiny the lower body of the lady becomes. But there are never two or more flashes. And the light is also following the female curves in a coordinated way. Extremely sexy and suitable for special occasions or even just for outside or in the office with a nice skirt (or not).

Last but not least, opaque pantyhose:

opaque pantyhose lady
#opaque pantyhose mega babe #opaque pantyhose mega milf

These are the ones you can wear anywhere and anytime. Usually starting at 40DEN or more, there’s no better way of expressing your beautiful female spirit then simple, non-shiny, non-glossy opaque pantyhose. You yourself decide how much others are allowed to see through them. Nowadays, some females wear them even like trousers – let’s hope this spirit lasts for a while, albeit the tops they are wearing together with their pantyhose are usually so long that you sometimes don’t even recognise them outdoors.

And also check the light again: no flashes, no confusion. Just some tension of the nylon fibre itself around knees, toes, etc. Simple and beautiful but also at the same time not too much thrilling.

That’s pretty much it: it depends on the DEN of your pantyhose.
What the light does when you or others look at it from different angles while wearing them (remember the photons!).
And the sexiness of course, because let’s stay honest here: we all want to go for the sexiness but the norms and society and whatnot forbid to go for it for real during our everyday routines.

I hope you enjoyed the excursion into the world of pantyhose styles today! Now go, do yourself a favour and wear some hose!

Remember: the God Of Nylons is a god you can trust and I love you! Take care, my dear ladies (and don’t forget to worship)! xoxo!

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