HOWTO: Worship The God Of Nylons


The following is the one & only official

HOWTO: Worshipping The God Of Nylons

The exercise provided herein will help you in finding deep relaxation of your female mind & body, and is recommended for girls and women of all ages.

Awake your inner (nylon) goddess and become a part of this beautiful sexy Universe!

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What you will need:

  • a copy of your favourite picture of my precious nylon cock taken from my official medium, Find yours in using the hashtag #me on the blog

  • a nice photo frame for this picture. Put it on your favourite shelf in your bedroom

  • your favourite butt plug and/or dildo

  • a sexy nylon sock of yours and/or nylon stocking

  • your favourite pantyhose

  • learn by heart the mantra you find at exercise step 5

  • at least 30 minutes of time, Sundays

The Exercise – 5 easy steps

1. take a hot shower or bath. Don’t dry your hair afterwards

2. finally in your bedroom, prepare the holy symbol and where you want to have my throbbing nylon cock during the exercise:

2a. if you decide you want to have my nylon cock inside your delicious pussy, take the dildo and wrap the nylon stocking around it. Take a breath and put it in your steamy pussy. Be gentle with yourself, never stress your inner nylon goddess

2b. if you decide you want to have my nylon cock inside your delicious booty, take the butt plug and wrap the nylon sock around it. Take a breath and put it in your throbbing butt. Be gentle with yourself, never stress your inner nylon goddess

2c. do both

3. put on your sexiest pantyhose. Enjoy putting them on. Be gentle with yourself. Never stress your inner nylon goddess

4. take a deep breath. Go down to your pantyhose knees, eyes towards the photo frame of my holy nylon cock, and bow down. Relax, never stress your inner nylon goddess. Stretch your arms, palms to the floor, make a straight and long back, lift your sexy booty up, enjoy yourself. Feel your sexy sweat and your pulse. Become one with me, The God Of Nylons, the Universe, your inner nylon goddess, and recite the following verse:


God Of Nylons
who art in the heavens,
Hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done on earth,
as it is in the heavens.
Give us forever our nylons.
And forgive us our trespasses in not wearing nylons.
As we forgive those who don‘t wear nylons.
And lead us sheer into temptation,
But deliver us from cotton & polyester.
For Thine is the kingdom,
The power and the glory,
Of nylons,


Practise every Sunday. Memorise every letter of the verse. If you think you’re too far away from your inner nylon goddess, practise several times a week. Always make sure to enjoy yourself. Always work out alone. 30 minutes is a minimum, The God Of Nylons recommends at least one hour. Repeated recitation of the verse is allowed, but not a must.

Feel free to contact me anytime: The God Of Nylons is a god you can trust and rely on. First and foremost I’m interested to transform you smoothly into a true Goddess Of Nylons.


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Thank you!

Work out hard, don’t embarass your god!

I love you!


The God Of Nylons


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Bonjour mon cher dieu, voici Valérie. Je vous remercie d’avoir été là pour moi dans une période très difficile. Nous partageons le même amour et la même passion pour le même type de style et de mode. Cela me rend fier que nous partagions aussi le même fétiche. J’apprécie vraiment votre travail et je veux vous faire savoir que votre exercice ici a fonctionné pour moi – je me sens mieux depuis de nombreuses années et j’apprécie votre exercice ainsi que votre mantra depuis plus d’un an maintenant. J’espère et je crois que cet exercice aidera aussi d’autres filles. Je pense que c’est un cadeau rarement que vous avez et merci beaucoup de le partager. Prends soin de toi, je t’aime déjà. Votre Val :-*

Bonjour cher Val! Merci pour votre retour positif! Je suis très fier d’avoir pu aider comme source d’inspiration pour changer votre vie pour le mieux. Rappelez-vous toujours que vous êtes belle et précieuse. Ne laissez pas les choses négatives vous abattre de quelque façon que ce soit. Cela n’en vaut pas la peine, la vie est trop courte et précieuse. Je vous souhaite une bonne année et n’oubliez jamais de prendre bien soin de vous et de votre corps avec – bien sûr de beaux bas nylons! Ton cher Dieu des Nylons

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