Today is May the 15th. Celebrated every year since 1940 when nylon stockings made their commercial breakthrough success in public with over 5 million pairs sold. It took 30 years, until 1970, when pantyhose finally exceeded the sales of nylon stockings. Let’s celebrate today together with a little walk-through of commercials and videos from the golden 50s era until the 2000s, you won’t regret it:

We start with the first one, a spectacular commercial/documentary from 1956 about the new nylon stockings technology which is over 8 minutes

The second one is from the 60s. Showing what the future technology and super sexy garment could add to your everyday female life, still in black and white

The “Legg’s” commercials from the 70s were always fun. Costing around 2.39$ a pair, you can still get some on popular internet auction sites for 7-15€ a pair

If you were born in the 80s like me, you still remember this “Pretty Polly” commercial. It was sexy but no one knows what happened to the brand

A compilation of pantyhose TV commercials from the 90s. No popular brands here but we see the advantages of nylons all the time very clearly

“My Pantyhose Girl reviews her “Wolford” collection. This premium brand is gladly still with us today, let her guide you through her wonderful premium “Wolford” nylon world, not dependent on any year

If you didn’t already, do yourself a favour and wear some nice nylon stockings and/or pantyhose today! <3

Oh, and don't forget to workout, of course! <3

Wish you all the best and take care dear ladies,
your God Of Nylons